CSS file + Background images + facebook


I’m building a facebook app using rails 3.2.5 and facebooker and I’m having some trouble with background images in my CSS file.

In my css file I have the following:

#head {

background: transparent url(/images/header_bg.jpg) repeat-x;




If I run the application outside facebook, everything it’s ok.

If I run the application inside facebook the background image do not apear…

If I use a full url location I can get it running inside facebook, for example:

#head {

background: transparent url([http://somehost.com/images/header_bg.jpg](http://somehost.com/images/header_bg.jpg)) repeat-x;




This makes the image render within facebook, but I don’t want to burn the host inside my css.

Another thing to note is the follwoing:

If I hit the following url (the url I use for testing the facebookapp)


I can see the image. But if I hit the facebook app canvas url like this:


I get the error:

No route matches "/images/header_bg.jpg" with {:method=>:get, :canvas=>true}

Any experience with this?

Thank you,