CruiseControl.rb 1.0

Hmmm. Another Continuous Integration tool? What is that, the millionth one?

Yup, pretty much, but we’re taking a different approach than the others - in a way, back to the basics. Here’s our motto:

Easy to install, pleasant to use and simple to hack

What kind of good stuff does that mean?

  • download and get building in 5-10 minutes (maybe 15 if you stop to read the manual)

  • little to no configuration (seriously, just tell it your Subversion URL)

  • works for Ruby, Java, .NET … anything that you can invoke from the command line

  • aesthetic beauty (not bad for a build tool)

Check it live out at []( and then download and use it. Feedback welcome - we’re working on release 1.1 now.

CC.rb team ThoughtWorks