Shiny new Subversion and Trac cluster

You've all noticed the excruciating Rails svn updates and Trac
molasses in the last couple of weeks. Following the release of Rails
1.2 we thoroughly overwhelmed our development server, no small feat
for a hefty dual Xeon. Congratulations, all, for your hearty Rails
appetite! Your sustained Mbps say more than words possibly could.

Our friends at TextDrive have stepped up once again to keep Rails
development running smoothly and your production apps deploying
predictably. Please give a warm welcome to our new development
cluster, a load-balanced crew of SunFires and Thumpers hosting Trac at and Subversion at

Subversion will remain available at the old dev URL
( so you needn't touch your live
apps. Feel free to migrate to the new URL at your own speed.

Thanks TextDrive!

Awesome, yay for Joyent/TextDrive!

By the way, you can switch a Rails trunk working copy to the new URL using
  svn switch --relocate


which repo does a rake:freeze go to now? dev or svn?


We haven’t updated the rake tasks. They still hit the old, compatible URLs on dev.


Congradulations guys! That is indeed impressive for any framework!

I do heartily wish that Unspace's experience with Textdrive was

That really does feel like a bit of a milestone for us, huh? When a
duel-zenon just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm happy with my 100 Haml
check outs a *day*... let alone a minute.