Creating a blank template handler for Rails 3.1?

What I want to do is make it just output the view itself, and ignore
what Rails would normally think is embedded Ruby within the HTML.

For example:

  <div class="current">
    <div class="question">
     <h3 id="homework_name"><%= %><h3 id="due">Due <%=
homework.due %></h3></h3>
      <h2 class="title">The Question:</h2>
      <p id="question_contents"class="contents"><%=
    <div class="answer">
      <h2 class="title">Your Answer:</h2>
      <textarea class="contents" id="student_answer"><%=
current_question.answer %></textarea>

I want an ActionView Template Handler to ignore all mentions of:

- <%= %>
- <%= homework.due %>
- <%= current_question.contents %>
- <%= current_question.answer %>

More specifically, it should **ignore any tags starting with `<%` and
ending with `%>`**

If you need more info check out

(I originally posted this question on StackOverFlow, but they were of
no help. I think this might be a better place.)