correct value doesn't get selected in select


I've got a Form with a select helper, but the value in the database doesn't get selected: The name of the model is "special_tip" and belongs to a special_quest_option and a special_quest

<% form_for special_tip do |f|%>   <%= select("special_tip", "special_quest_option_id", special_quest.special_quest_options.all.collect {|sqo| [ sqo.text, ] },{:include_blank => true}) %> <%= f.submit "tip the Special Quest" %> <% end %>

What do I'm doing wrong? The correct values are in the select box, but the current doesn't get selected. Thanks

You're mixing form_for (which doesn't require that you have an instance variable containing the object) and the non form builder version of select (which does)."special_quest_option_id", ...)

should work better