Correct routing to handle static file requests

Wes Gamble <rails-mailing-list@...> writes:

I included these two routes in my routes.rb file so that any requests
for contents of the public/javascripts and public/stylesheets
directories wouldn't be screwed up.

  map.connect 'javascripts/*stuff'
  map.connect 'stylesheets/*stuff'

The apache .htaccess RewriteRule will only pass a request to Rails if the file
doesn't exist. So you don't need that line at all - if it's ever used then
you've got a stylesheet or javascript tag wrong

1) I'm using WEBrick (and I'm starting to see that maybe I should
abandon WEBrick despite it's convenience - for other reasons).

I moved to mongrel from WEBrick and find it much more responsive and I
don't get any issues with reloading of files like I did with WEBrick.
It's just as convenient as WEBrick as well, now that ./script/server
will run mongrel - not sure what version of rails that came in with