Cookie crazy

We have a site that does not really use any cookies. However, after
login a cookie is set by a 3rd party company. Therefore, we are and they are If the user
pressed back and tries to login again the cookie is still stuck for and they fail. Is there a way to use
cookies.delete or something like that to get rid of cookies from a
site that is not ours? We do not want to read the value just delete

Cookies from will not be sent to Unless you mean something like which a cookie that is set for the domain. Either you're misinterpreting the situation or describing it incompletely/inaccurately here on the list.


Rob Biedenharn

What happens is login and are sent to a 3rd party billing
company. Therefore, you login at which sends you to At the site they set a
cookie...unfortunately, people keep pressing the back arrow.... and
then they go forward and of course the cookie is already there and
flips out there system.

I would like to say everytime you hit to delete the
cookies for I know they are not available
when my browser is set to but they are available
when is I want to clear them. Any
ideas? This is not an easy one...I know that and it may not even be