Controller/Action Problem

hey guys,

i've got the following problem:
i call an action called "execute_algorithms". one codeline of this
action tries to execute the following command:

parser =

but it won't work. with an url of a foreign server it works. so it seems
to me, that rails can't execute an action (over HTTP) while executing
another one? Is that right and how can i solve this problem? I'm working
with Mongrel.

It would be so great if you guys could help me!!

Greetz, Tobe

Run more than one mongrel and proxy through a web listener like Apache or nginx. If you can only service one request at time, that request will never be able to get another one through at the same time.


Rob Biedenharn

Hi Tobias,

Another alternative to Rob's suggestion, ... if you can, I'd recommend
bailing on mongrel altogether, and just switch to running your rails
apps under passenger (ie mod_rails / mod_rack) via apache or ngnix.
Passenger can handle more than one request to your rails app at a
time, thus no need for setting up and managing mongrel instances or
proxy'd mongrel clusters, etc.

Ever since I switched to using passenger, both for development and
production envs, I've never gone back to using mongrel to serve rails