Content Management in rails

Abhi Manyu wrote:

controller, models, helpers and views are in a folder called apps
Like that there is a folder called public where images are stored in images foldr

That's not because of InstantRails - that's the convention that Rails follows.

11/8/2007 | 4:39 PM.

Why don't you take this discussion off-list, or concentrate it to
fewer but longer post? This sort of ping-pong of short messages is not
really helpful to a wider audience.

8 nov 2007 kl. 10.35 skrev Abhi Manyu:

I must agree with Peter. First, half of this thread is personal
conversation between Abhi and Ruchita and should be taken off this
list. Second, the Rails-related talk is beginning to look more like
chat. You guys should try using IRC and join #rubyonrails on freenode.