consult BD oracle

hello everyone, the problem is the following application and made his
and it works very well with mSQL, but I need to consult a table that is
oracle, then add to consult the same table in a field
different and Oracle made this just can not show on
my view is the field that I need to say that the data already inside ..
and conultado
ROR several tutorials and books and could not solve ..

thanks in advance.

I'm not sure I understand:

You're using MySQL.
You want to read a value from a field in an Oracle database.
You want to put that value into a different field on the same Oracle
You want to display the result in a view?

Is this correct?

This is the model for q Cree consultation:

class Re_tmtinv <ActiveRecord:: Base

    establish_connection (
        : adapter => "oracle"
        : host => "localhost"
        : username => "root",
        : password => "*****",
        : database => "*****"
# Validations

   validates_uniqueness_of: mtin_mtin,: message => "The code that this
trying to view does not exist in the system. "


but still can not get the view mostralo q e created.

perhaps a problem in my view.

Thanks for the help.

Wait, by "view" do you mean an Oracle view (like a table) or a Rails
view (like an erb template)