Problem with Oracle


Normally I'm using Rails with mySql but for the moment I'm trying to
make a Rails/Oracle solution using oci and instantclient, but I'm
having a problem I receive the following when doing a select

Exception string : undefined method `empty?' for 1:Fixnum

does anybody know a solution to this.



Torben, can you give a bit more of the trace.

I've got 30 + tables running in ROR with oracle, using both XE and
10g. (Development uses a XE local instance production uses a 10G full
The one thing that comes to mind is be careful about "bad" variable
names. ie. variable names or table names that are oracle reserved
I had quite a few problems with that.

See my blog on on some of my oracle
conversion scripts, its got some auto renames for fields coming from
"other" databases.