does anyone here use console2 with there RoR development? I already
use e as my editor and after reading the blog on garbage burrito...

I would love to use console2, I am not real familiar with setting
something like this up plus I use instantrails which the article does
not go into. I am pretty sure I need to set the shell and maybe a
thing or two else but not sure. Anyone done this that can help?

I guess I just need to know how to configure console2 for the rails
environment if I am using instantrails. I.E. I opened console2 and
tried to create a project by command line using the command 'rails
testapp' and received an error. I expected the error since I know my
console2 installation was completely separate from rails and is
therefor not pointed to anything it needs.

You have to add c:\ruby\bin (or something like that) to the Environment Variables PATH line which you can get to by right-clicking on My Computer, going into Advanced and then Environment Variables.

I'm using Console2 at home and I did not need to add anything to the

I had "rails XXX" working on my regular cmd prompt, and it worked the
same way on Console2.

One tip: Using the newer version (2.0 build 136 I guess) you can set
up "favorites" trough the settings menu. It its called tabs there.

I created a WEBrick and a "Rails Console" tab. On the first one, I
used %WINDIR%\cmd.exe ruby script/server as the shell and my app as
the startup dir. Same thing for Rails Console, just change to use
script/console instead of script/server.

To access those "favorites", use the first button I just go to File >
New > WEBrick.