Connecting/Merging 2 different inputs


I have a form which contain a student names and their attendance. For each student name there is a text box to input attendance.I want to create a connection between the 'name' and it's attendance. I think I should merge the student name and the attendance.But could not achieve it as yet.

Can nyone give me an idea how to do this.

Thanks Viper

how about this

def name_with_attendence       [name, attendence].join(' ') end

def name_with_attendence=(name_attendence)     if name_attendence        split_name_and_attendence = name_attendence.split(' ') = split_name_and_attendence.first        self.attendence = split_name_and_attendence.last     else       'name and attendece not valid'     end end

above i am only checking the presence of name_attendence but not its format or any other stuff that you might have to add in your model or code