Concatenate 2 form fields together.

I am a newbie at RoR so thank you for your patients.

I have a form with the following fields:
1. first_name
2. last_name

I want to take them and make them into one variable "name" and submit
that to my table field named "name". Can anyone help?

Thank you,

Sean McGilvray

For this case… a lot of way…

  1. make name in model --> this is the best way
  2. make name in controller -> this is good way
    way no 1
    in model

attr_accessor :first_name
attr_accessor :last_name
def before_save = @first_name + " " + @last_name
in controller
def save
user =
user.first_name = params[:first_name]
user.last_name = params[:last_name]
way no 2
For example model user, controller costumer
in controller

def save
user = = params[:first_name] + " " + params[:last_name]

I hope it will help you…
Thank you

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you,

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