confused on how rails 2.3.2 renders templates

I am migrating to rails 2.3.2

What I found confusing is that in some cases when I have a template

"something.html.erb" it is looking for "something.erb", but in other
cases "something.html.erb" works fine.
I looked at a couple of cases and did not see any obvious reason why
that seemed to be the case where it was looking for one type of file
name in one place and a different in another.

Please post the relevant code that’s requesting something.erb so that

we can better assist.


I think I figured out what was going on. When I had a file named
"" in the view directory, rails 2.3.2 for some
strange reason decided to render that template instead of
"something.html.erb". When I deleted "" then
rails 2.3.2 looked for "something.erb" which did not exist, though
something.html.erb" did exist. When I restarted web brick however
after deleting "", then it did find
"something.html.erb" ok.
So Rails was keeping state info when the server was running