render problem in builder template

Hello guys,

I have a file named "_bar.html.erb" and located at "app/views/foo/"
In "app/views/some_path/sample.atom.builder", neither form of the
followings worked as expected:
      render :partial => 'foo/bar' => MissingTemplate was raised,
      render :template => 'foo/_bar' => nil

Is it because Builder and ERB are two different systems so that they
can't be mixed together? or because some bug result in the view paths
are not properly loaded in builder template

Could anyone help me out?
My environment:
Rails: 2.3.2
Ruby: 1.8.6

Thanks in advance,

Try this (leading slash): render :partial => '/foo/bar'

Darian Shimy

Hi Darian,

It turned out that in "app/views/some_path/sample.atom.builder",
render :partial => 'foo/bar' will looking for a template named "foo/
_bar.atom.erb"( with file extension ".atom"), since such template do
not exists, the MissingTemplate exception was raised.

So the solution should be:
create a file under the name "foo/_bar.atom.erb"
call render :partial => "foo/bar.html" (specify file extension

Also, thank you for the suggestion



Good find, I didn't know that.

Darian Shimy