confused about deprecation warnings in 2.0(.2)

Hi -

(FYI: I've recently moved to rails 2, fairly new to rails)

When running my tests, I'm getting some odd deprecation warnings:

1) the warnings refer to for
details, but are not listed there (hmmm)

2) one of the warnings is obvious how to fix in my code:
DEPRECATION WARNING: errors#on have been deprecated, please use
errors#[] instead

But it is also occurring in various places in the libraries, e.g.
(called from on at /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-

which is possibly just a slight version mismatch, but would be rather

3) another of the warnings I don't quite understand, and thus am not
sure the implications of fixing it in the way suggested:
.DEPRECATION WARNING: Wrapping input tags in error in a div is
deprecated. By Rails 3.0 well add a CSS class called "error" to the
tag instead. Set config.action_view.class_based_error_markings = true
in your config to be ahead of the curve. See
for details. (called from tag at /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/

any light to shed on my darkness?

many thanks


NB: In case this is relevant, I found it difficult to specify exactly
the "RAILS_GEM_VERSION" in application.rb - I settled on ">= 2.0"
because "2.0.2" wasn't found (only "" worked, and that
seemed a bit of a specific...) Various other options either worked for
script/server, or worked for rails test, but not both)

This may be part of your problem: you've ended up with edge rails (ie the bleeding edge). This can happen if you've got as once of your gem sources. This has happened to a few people recently, so you should be able to dig out instructions on how to fix this (I can;t remember off the top of my head)


Yes, thank you, that was exactly it.

Removing each of the gems (gem uninstall GEMNAME gives a nice version
selector), removing the source (gem sources -r and reupdating (gem update GEMNAME, or
just gem update) solved ALL my problems (though I had to make sure
some autogenerated files had 2.0.2 rather than edge defaults).

I had a suspicion that this was the case, but whenever I looked up
"edge rails" (in the books, and in the online docs) the opposition was
between edge rails (frozen in vendor/rails) and the 'gem' version
(really a gem of the release). But the fact that there are actually
gems of edge rails makes this terminology confusing.