Configuring Rails 4 for API backend

If I want to tailor Rails 4 for an API-only application, what should I do to maximize performance?

This is to be fronted by a js framework, and left open for other API usage.

I’m aware of rails-api and other API gems, but in this case specifically need to stay on the main path with Rails 4.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on this, and haven’t found much dealing with Rails 4 specifically (that doesn’t recommend other gems, which aren’t an option here). I remember reading about how to do this with Rails 2 or 3, but am wondering what the current recommendations are for version 4. This would include things like removing unnecessary dependencies.


You probably already know about "ActiveModel::Serializer"s

These guys are with us since at least Rails 3, we have a local app that is just an API for a JS framework too, we use just normal controllers and serializers and we’re pretty well served.

Give it a try =)