Additional tutorials for API only rails

I have read about five articles describing how to make API only rails apps. I am looking for more tutorials, if people can recall any tutorials which they liked. I am primarily looking for building rest api’s that serve as a backend for a front end (such as a react app). Thanks!

What have you read so far? Have you read this? Using Rails for API-only Applications — Ruby on Rails Guides

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I found this book to be a good starting point. API on Rails

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I just saw this thread and thought it might be relevant to mention Inertia.js:, which offers an approach that connects a React frontend with a traditional Rails app.

Inertia is ultimately an alternative to building an API-only rails app, so apologies for posting something that doesn’t directly answer your question but I figured if you’re new to API-only Rails apps you may be interested in exploring some of the options for working with a React frontend in Rails :slight_smile: I’ve really enjoyed working with Inertia rather than going down the path of an API-only app, but your mileage may vary!