Complex Forms

I am wondering if someone may be able to point me in the right

I have a survey that I am trying to do that has in it many one too
relegations. Thanks to railscasts complex forms series, I was able to
get them all working. I have come to a road block and hoping someone
help. The survey capture a companies profile, where things get sticky
I now need to create a relationship that will allow a user to enter in
categories of products that the company deals with. Here is the
predefined list.

* Wood based panels
* Complete pre-fabricated buildings and houses
* Wood kitchen cabinets
* Wood windows and doors
* Wood flooring
* Millwork
* Mouldings
* Engineered wood products
* Other wood based building products
* PVC windows
* Steel doors
* Insulation
* Stone-processed products
* Basement envelope systems
* Other non-wood building products

This list is set in stone and no others can be added by the user. So a
company can have many categories. Also I need to add a relation ship
allow users to add products to each category with details on each

I am not sure on how to approach this as well I am very new to Rails.
come from a coldfusion background. If it would help, I could send you
any existing code I have.

I hope someone can help, Thanks in advance!

for the first part, why not use a has_and_belongs_to_many :categories
association in the Company model, and a multiple select box which
allows the user to select one or more categories for the company.

For the second part, make a form which allows the user to select the
category from a drop down list of options.

Or are you trying to do everything in a single form?

I was hoping to do every thing in the same form but I am thinking it
might be over my head