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Hi Folks,

I am a Media Designer and Ruby on Rails beginner on a very basic level. I have a good background in HTML & CSS, but that’s basically it. I havent worked with Ruby before and I am just getting startet with the Terminal of my Mac OS and get the basics of JavaScript. I’ve worked my way through a lot of resources (screencasts, forums, tutorials, …) and got a pretty good overview of what Ruby on Rails can do and why it is a great framework.

My problem is, the massive amount of information is overwhelming. I still look for a good point to start a project that enables me to learn Ruby on Rails on a more practical than theoretical way. What would you suggest to be a good application to start with as a beginner? A project that is quite easy to setup, and makes sense for a Designer.

Thanks for your advice!

I say, scratch an itch of your own. Track something you need to track in your personal or professional life.

That way you don't have to beat requirements out of anybody (or guess at them).

Start here and click on the very first link in the topic post. The complete walk-through of a CMS system is really solid and the instructional methods provided account for a gradual learning curve with rails.

By the time you reach the 16th lesson, you will have a solid rails foundation..

You could take Geoffrey Grosenbach's suggestion and write your own blog:

Cheers, Nicholas

Great tip... I already ordered the book and gonna start experimenting.

I was thinking about that. I might start with the Radiant CMS and go from there…

Thanks for the useful link!

And I found this very nice way to start your first lines of Ruby:

I was a lot like you. I have a really strong BG in HTML CSS and Flash dev. With a little JS. I bought numerous tutorials and books. I have watched Ryan Bates Railscasts many times.

Everyone learns differently, but from my experiences over the past year and a half i would say, get your head around Ruby Basics. The Pick Axe Book is good for this. You dont need to memorize the whole thing, just become familar with basics. It helps to understand what is rails and what is ruby

And out of all the books that really helped "turn the light on" i found Oreilly Head First Rails to be the best for an all out beginner Head First Rails [Book] - It really helped me make more sense of the others, because its not so "programmer" speak.

The Agile book is good and so is Rails Way by Obie. Along with Railscasts, I have purchased many of Geoffrey Grosenbach's screencasts over at They're really good as well.

Good Luck

Might help:

Cheers, Sazima