Comparison between Ruby and Django

Few months back I had a new project and I was at crossroad on which framework to choose for the project. As usual, I searched online and found few blogs on the comparison between frameworks. Which one is hot, which is not? Which framework is more flexible? Which one has the lesser learning curve and so on. Finally it all boiled down to two – Ruby on Rails (ROR) or Django. Through this blog I am comparing these two frameworks. I have taken few parameters under the scanner and I hope you find this informative.

For those looking to enter the world of web development, the choice of framework can be an important technical decision. If you are looking to expand your skill set, it will be good to know that both frameworks are powerful and quite enjoyable to use. Both Rails and Django are very accessible frameworks, and easy to get started.

The first major difference between these frameworks are, **Django **is written in Python and Rails inRubylanguage. Both frameworks are MVC frameworks and emphasizes on code re-usability and portability. Both frameworks are also free, open source projects.

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