collection_select not working for nested forms

hi guys,

Ruby 1.8.7
Rails 2.3.5

I have a nested form in which a select drop down works fine for creating the model, but on edit form it does not show the current value.
It gets set to the default option.

The domain is like this:
Listing <has_one> Address <belongs_to> Neighbourhood

The drop down used to work for address edit form, before nesting the model.

address.rb ->

partial _address_form.html.erb ->

The method @neighbourhood_for_metro in following snippet is a helper which works perfectly fine.


<%= address_form.label :neighbourhood %><br />

<%= collection_select(:address,:neighbourood,@neighbourhood_for_metro,:id,:name) %>


  I spent enough time on this issue to know its some silly thing that I am missing.

  I would really appreciate if any one could help me solve this issue.


Try changing the method to :neighbourhood_id

I have tried that, no change in behaviour.

Any difference if you change :address to @address?

If that doesnt work, I guess you'll have to do :selected =>



worked rather than collection_select(@object,@method,…)

it seems use of form specific methods avoids a lot of trouble, when shifting forms from individual to nested.


Spotted a little typo in on line 15: <

That :neighbourood missing h.

Maybe theres your problem?