Cluster 3 mongrel servers residing in different machines (Windows)

Hi All,

Machine A: has Apache 2.2 doing load balancing, also has DB and 8
mongrel processes I'm using mongrel_cluster . Now, I want to run
Mongrels on Machine's B and C (ie Cluster 3 Mongrels in three
different machines). Is this possible? If possible then, please
describe me the steps required (I'm using windows machines, and
already losdt one week :frowning: )

Best regards,

Hi Santhu,

You might want to signup for the Rails-deploy group on google. It's a new group formed to address just this kind of question.


Hi Santhu,

I think what Darushin explained would be the most common setup.

Quick search turned this up:

We have a hw load balancer and are load balancing apache processes and
will soon load balance all the monrels using this too. Outside request
-> LB -> [Apache 1, Apache 2, etc] -> LB -> [Machine 1 Mongrel 1,
Machine 2 Mongrel 1, etc].


Hi Darushin/Bill ,

First of all thanks for the valuble information. I'm looking for some
explicit steps required to set up a distributed "mongrel cluster [I
mean a multi machine set up]" (I'm not not using capastrino :frowning: for
the time being) . Please help me
Best regards,

Hi Santhu,

I'm replying just so you don't think I'm ignoring you. There are folks here on this list, like Darushin, who can help. It's way over my head, though. If you don't find the help you need here, the experts are at rails-deploy.

Best regards, and good luck,

Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for the great help, it started working for me. Now its too late
here, will continue tommorrow.
Looking forward for more help......

best regards,
Santhosh .TR