Character not being displayed correctly using Rails

Dear all,

this might not be a Rails problem, but since I run my website on it, it might be one. I have a star rating on my website to rate trails and it displays those stars correctly on my Mac using any browser. However, while using Parallels to test in Windows it does not display any stars (regardless of browser). At work under Windows and IE it works fine. I was wondering if this is a global issue or just a problem with using Parallels on my Mac.

The link is:

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(Nice trails, BTW!)

Here's your stars:

   <font color="gold">&#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 </font>

Shouldn't each have a ; on the end? When I add one, my Firefox does _not_ display an extra ;, and continues to display stars, so that's probably it...

Thanks for the tip...but sadly it doesn't work. I still see the boxes. It might just be an isolated problem on my computer.

The HTML is now: <font color="gold">&#9733; &#9733; &#9733; &#9733; &#9733; </font>