Changing default image_tag folder

Is it possible to change the default image_tag folder?

You could override image_path in ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper

      def image_path(source)
        compute_public_path(source, 'folder under public you want to server files from')


Hi Bourre, is not recommended you change the default path because is a
default in all rack app and in the moment of request coming to the
server for the public folder him don't call the Rails app and if you
change you gonna change this functionality....

Luke Cowell wrote:

So is there a way to configure each app? As you can figure out i'm a
total newbie.

Are you sure you need to do this? Can you explain the reason.

image_tag will take a full path so
image_tag "myicon.png"
will use /images/myincon.png"
image_tag "/icons/myicon.png"
will use /icons/myicon.png

Further examples at