image_tag weirdness - dodgy return value - HELP PLEASE!!


Although from your rails app you can read/right anything on your
system, your web server has limited access to you system (for good
security reasons). I am running on a windows sytem with InstantRails,
but the principles are the same.

You need to know what the "public" directory is for your web server.
For my InstantRails setup thats c:\InstantRails\rails_apps\app_name
\public. That means all the assets/content/images I want my web
server to serve need to be under that directory. It looks like this
is not the case for you.

Then my image tags are referenced with the idea the "/" is actually "c:
\InstantRails\rails_apps\app_name\public". For example, I store my
images in c:\InstantRails\rails_apps\app_name\public\catalog\images.
My image_tags are all <%= image_tag /catalog/images/.... %>

So I think your problems may be solved be (a) knowing what your public
directory is for your web server configuration, (b) putting your
content under that directory and (c) image_tag'ing based on that
public directory being the root directory.

Cheers, --Kip

Max, I haven't been down this path before. I use ImageMagick but not
its tag helper.
I had a quick read of the docs and have a couple of things for you at
least to think about.

1. helper has full access to the data on your machine since its part
of your
Rails apps. So pathname you give it need to be real system path
(not web server relative).

2. The helper is going to take your existing fille (like
"flower.jpeg") then
apply some transformation.

3. It is going to have to save that transformed file somewhere so the
web server can serve it. It looks like that it saves the resulting
in appname/imagemagick. But of course as you've worked out
thats not available to your web server.

So I guess the issue is how to have the helper save content
it has transformed into a place the web server can see.

Hope this helps a little,