cap VERSION question

I have an old app that was setup using Capistrano 1.4. I upgraded to
2.1 and remember having to use a specific command that would use the
1.4 gem instead of 2.0, something like

cap deploy VERSION=1.4

or something. Does anyone know the exact command? 15 minutes in Google
and I can't find it, though I remember finding it via google before.

Capistrano 2.x

capify .
cap deploy:setup
cap deploy:cold
cap deploy
cap deploy:migrations
cap deploy:rollback

Capistrano 1.4.x

cap --apply-to .
cap setup
cap cold_deploy
cap deploy
cap deploy_with_migrations
cap rollback

you can try : cap --help

Any gem can be run as:

cap _1.4.1_ deploy

env PATH=/opt/local/bin:$PATH cap _1.4.1_ deploy

for one old client.


Rob Biedenharn

This is what I was looking for