Can't start WEBrick or Mongrel server

After having successfully created and run a few RoR test projects via
RadRails in MyEclipse, I imported one from an Oracle tutorial (http://,
showing how to deal with a legacy Oracle database.

Unfortunately, after having configured database.yml, I get the
following error message when I attempt to start either a Mongrel or a
WEBrick server:

-e:4:in `load': no such file to load - script/server (LoadError) from -

Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be? Could it be linked
to the fact that the code was written over a year ago, probably for a
previous version of RoR? And if so, maybe there are just a few files
to tweak...


The problem was due to an extra top-level directory inside the Zip
file. After importing, I moved all directories and files out of it,
deleted it, and it runs fine now.