Can't start Rails app with hotwire-rails

I’ve been trying to add the new Hotwire Turbo to our Rails 6.1.0 app with gem 'turbo-rails' in the Gemfile, but I just get the startup error DEPRECATION WARNING: Initialization autoloaded the constant Turbo::Broadcastable. Would someone have an idea how to fix it?

NB: issue also mentioned in this Hotwire thread.

It’s a warning, and we are working on it. However, your application should start unless you have warnings configured to err.

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This is fixed in the main branch now, don’t know when there’s going to be a release, but you could depend on that branch meanwhile.

Thank you so much @fxn. Meanwhile I can allow deprecation warnings with config.active_support.disallowed_deprecation_warnings = [] as you suggested.