can't get redcloth to work on server

I develop on a Mac, and have a redhat enterprise based server.

I'm trying to use the redcloth gem in my app. I can get it to work just
fine on the Mac (localhost), but I cannot seem to get it to work on the
server. I've driven myself nuts googling and re-installing things today
and have made absolutely no progress.

A simple and repeatable example of the issue is comparing a
script/console session between the mac and the server:

On the mac:
JP-iMac:synergy jeffpritchard$ script/console
Loading development environment (Rails 2.1.0)

require 'rubygems'

=> false

require 'redcloth'

=> true"fred").to_html

=> "<p>fred</p>"


On the server:
[foo@bar current]# script/console
Loading development environment (Rails 2.1.0)

require 'rubygems'

=> []

require 'redcloth'

=> []"fred").to_html

NameError: uninitialized constant RedCloth::TextileDoc
  from (irb):3

This same sequence works just fine from an IRB session on both machines.
Seems to be something kerbolixed in my rails setup on the server. Both
machines are running rails 2.1.0. It looks like the "require" doesn't
work right for some reason.

Before somebody asks, yes the redcloth gem is installed.

Anybody have any suggestions?


Hi Jeff-

Here's a shot in the dark. Did you freeze the gem in Rails? If so, the
Rails console might be using a different gem than IRB would use. I ran
into a similar problem with RedCloth when I developed an app on Ubuntu
and then tried to run it on a Windows machine. Since I had frozen the
Linux version of the gem, it wasn't being correctly loaded in the
Windows machine. Once I unpacked the Windows version of RedCloth to my
app, everything started working.


NameError: uninitialized constant RedCloth::TextileDoc

I'd try installing RedCloth 3.0.3