Can't get 2.0 sexy migrations working

Hi all,

I just upgraded to Rails 2.0.2 on os x 10.5.2 by doing "sudo gem
install rails --include-dependencies".

Just to play around, I create a simple application by doing this:

rails -d mysql TestRails2

Then I created some scaffolding:

script/generate scaffold player integer:number string:name

then I do the following:

rake db:create:all; (which successfully creates my databases)
rake db:migrate;

This fails with the following error:

== 1 CreatePlayers: migrating

Just tried by creating another project using sqlite3 instead of mysql
(thought there might be a problem with the mysql connector) but I got
the exact same error. Grr.

I've now found the problem... I had a transposed the type and name of
the fields in the scaffold generation. D'oh!