Cannot add blank pages with simple text to rails server

Dear ruby on rails group,

Good day!

I am now learning ruby on rails as a newbie to be able to make a simple website from scratch.

I am enrolled for onemonth course on Rails on Ruby for Web Development. One of their exercise is to change the default Rails page that can be seen from “localhost:3000” into a blank page with two sentences (basic strings).

I am running this with Git Bash on Windows. When inputting command “rails generate controller pages home” and open “localhost:3000/pages/home” in my browser, this is what I got instead of a blank page with two sentences.

And this is what I got in the Git Bash;

Hi there
I would recommend you to change your operation system to Ubuntu or some other Linux distributive, otherwise you will get strange errors very often.

About current problem - try to change parameter ‘application’ to ‘default’ in your app/views/layouts/application.html.erb line 7 and 8