Can we have rails:freeze:edge call rails:update automatically?

Any reason why we don't have rails:freeze:edge invoke the rails:update
task when it's done? Sometimes people don't know or forget to do that
second step.

Seems so obvious, I'm wondering if there's a good reason that I'm
overlooking why it's best to keep them separate...?

If not, I'd be happy to contribute a patch.


If you are using a more bleeding edge version of prototype (and
friends), rake rails:update will over write them. Or if you've done
crazy stuff to your boot file (even know the doc says not too).

Either way, I think its fine because rake rails:update asks you if you
want to over write any files.

+1 so I don't have to type "rake rails:freeze:edge && rake
rails:update" again.

… or “rake rails:freeze:edge rails:update” :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone willing to hit it with some +1s?

Thanks :slight_smile:

LOL, thank you Mislav.