Can Rails 1.1.6 and 1.2 coexist on the same server?

So I am still on Rails 1.1.6 but want to start planning for migration to 1.2.
Before I go and install 1.2 over my 1.1.6 environment I want to make sure
things will not get messed up.

It seems like I can select a Rails version by specifying the RAILS_GEM_VERSION.
Knowing Rails it is probably that simple but I just want to get confirmation that
is indeed the case.


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IMO, this should be Rule #1 of Rails deployment basically everywhere:

rake rails:freeze:gems

I always have Rails installed into my vendor directory so I never have to worry about this kind of problem. Then it’s very easy to have multiple rails sites running with differing versions.


Jason Roelofs wrote:

Well, more like for each rails site, freeze the gems at the proper version (1.1.6 it sounds like). Then, on your development box, freeze the 1.2 gems to the site and work on porting. Then you just drop the new site in place, complete with 1.2 and you know it works.