Rails 1.2.1 breaks all urls

Try downloading the rails 1.1.6 tgz from the rubyforge download page,
extract the contents and copy the extracted vendor/rails directory to
your project's RAILS_ROOT/vendor/ directory, this should overwrite the
installed gem version with the rails version in your vendor directory
(aka 1.1.6)

dir (or ls, etc) RAILS_ROOT/vendor/
(should result in)
.. rails/
.. plugins/

dir RAILS_ROOT/vendor/rails/
(should result in)
.. actionmailer/
.. actionpack/
.. activerecord/
.. etc.

Gustav Paul

or you could do `gem install -v=1.1.6 rails` and edit your
ENV['RAILS_VERSION'] to 1.1.6 in your config/environment.rb. easier
done this way. no need for freezing your rails gems.