Can I use different version of action mailer

Hello! I've been trying to upgrade from Ruby 1.8.6 to ruby 2.2.2 at my
workplace, and as expected its been a bit rough. :slight_smile:

I have a old 2.0.5 rails application that needs to keep working, and
I've ran into a bit of a roadblock with the ActionMailer having a syntax
error. However the problem is fixed in the 2.3.18 version of the gem.

Is it possible to tell rails 2.0.5 to use the 2.3.18 gem for action
mailer only? I haven't been able to find anything about using different
versions of the gems so I'm suspecting not, but it would be great to
know how. :slight_smile:

The odds aren’t great that such a thing would work; the internals were moving around a lot between versions back then.

Unrelated: you may have already done this, but make SURE you’ve patched the JSON parser to close these holes:



I doubt these are the only security vulnerabilities in 2.0.5, but these two are some of the nastiest.

–Matt Jones

Thanks, figured as much. Oh well.