Can I have/use different Versions of rails in the same machine

I am actually reading a rails book that is written for rails 2.3.5. I
want to test Rails 3 beta as well. Is it possible to have such a setup
in my Mac OS leopard?

I have tried with gem list -d rails. There are many versions stored in
my mac but I don't know how to use different version of rails while
creating new applications with rails command.

It is possible to have different rails application on single machine.
While creating rails application u just need to specify corrosponding
rails version.
$rails _version_number_ -d database_name application_name For ex.
$rails _2.3.5_ -d mysql temp

Thank you.

Currently I have rails 2.3.8 set up in my mac. I want to install rails
3 beta as well and test it whenever I feel like.

What command I should give to install rails 3. Is it just ' gem
install rails' or .... ?


first you install ruby 1.8.7 after that you type

**gem install i18n tzinfo builder memcache-client rack rack-test rack-mount erubis mail text-format thor bundler**
**gem install rails --pre**   .This will install rails 3.0beta


"gem install rails --prerelease" should install the current beta. You
also need to make sure that you have the latest version of RubyGems
with "gem update --system".

BTW. You can install any version of rails (and any version of any gem
for that matter) specifically, by adding the "-v <version number>" to
"gem install rails", e.g. "gem install rails -v 2.3.8"


I was under the impression that there were problems installing rails 2
and 3 on the same PC. Is that not correct?


If you use rvm you gain the ability to have separate sets of gems,
named gem sets, etc.