Can Arel handle UPPER and LIKE condition?

Hello all, I’ve recently been on a project where somewhere needs

using case insensitive search(using UPPER(name) LIKE ‘’) and LIKE condition,

I want to use arel and don’t use the old style string concatenation,

can arel handle this?

But I check on arel documentation, doesn’t seems have any upper/like operator,

and check on arel source, under lib/arel/nodes,

doesn’t seem to have any node related to this,

can arel handl this?


ps, the arel way of binding value seems to have its own invocation,

using eq(xxx),

accounts = Account.arel_table


different from where rails old style binding,

like where(:conditions=>[UPPER(name) like ?, '%#{xxx}%]],

so How can I bind them two?

hey, you might ne interested in squeel gem:

Hope this helps!