ActiveRecord English Like Queries v0.0.2

I am pleased to announce the release of the plugin English Like Queries
[pronounced in a proper British accent] v0.0.2

klass.where 'name includes' => ['abc', 'def'] now defaults to a .find
:all query--much nicer.

English Like Queries:

Typically AR basically stinks to type in--it is way too wordy, and, for
lack of a better term, SQL like.
klass.find :all, :conditions => ["name LIKE '%?'", 'fred']

This library condenses that to be a little more englishy, by allowing
hashed parameters that are parsed for meaning, ex:

klass.where 'name starts with' => 'fred'

This reads better, is much faster, has support for regex, case
sensitivity, etc. without the pain of SQL.
Currently as a rails plugin.
Check it out.