Calling a commandline function using the onclick button

Hello everyone,

I'll start by describing what I'm doing and saying that I am a newbie. In my ROR (2.1.2) application, would like to send read data from a text field using the onclick tag to a python script I wrote. The problem I encounter is with the onclick tag. I used the system() function to call the python script, but it doesn't function. The python script is only called when I reload the page and not when I click on the send button. Who can help me or tell me how to better call the python script once I click on the send button. I'll be grateful for your help.

This is what my code looks like:

<form id="frmmain" name="frmmain" method="post"> <input type="text" id="txt_message" name="txt_message" style="width: 400px;" /> <input type="button" name="btn_send" id="btn_send" value="Send" onclick="<% system(@path + ' ' + @partner + ' txt_message.value &') %>" /> </form> --

I think you have a basic misunderstanding of how erb templates work. Anything in <% or <%= tags is evaluated when the template is rendered - that is what rendering an erb template means. Furthermore, an onclick options can only be a chunk of javascript. As Matt says, you need to write a controller action that your form is submitted to. Furthermore, be careful of the data you receive - if the example you posted worked it would allow a user to run arbitrary shell commands on your server.


I'll try writing a controller action.

The idea with the controller action was really a good one. Now I can call the pythonscript without problem while clicking on a link, but it still cannot read from the form. How can I do this, or what should be written at the place of :msg => "$('txt_message').value".

Read up about the :with option to link to remote (I wrote a bit about
it a while ago: :with or :without you: link_to_remote's mysterious parameter - Space Vatican   )