relating javascript...........

<% form_tag :action => "login", :html_options => {:onClick => "return
validate_form(this)"} do %>
Login: <br/><%= text_field_tag :name %><br/>
Password: <br/><%= password_field_tag :password %><br /><br/>
<%= submit_tag "SignIn" %>
<% end %>
<%= link_to 'SignUp', :action => 'signup' %>
<%= link_to 'Forgot Password', :action => 'forgot_password' %>

I wrote the above syntx for validation..using javascript the validation
is not happening.

form_for understands what you mean when you do :html_options => ...,
but form_tag expects you to pass 2 option hashes: the first containing
routing options, the second containing html options. Also, do you
really want onClick rather than onSubmit ?


Thanks Fred for your reply,

actually the problem is

Using form tag I made a login form as discussed above. For client side
I use Javascript.

<% form_tag :action => "login", onClick => 'return
validation_form(this)' %>

<% submit_tag 'save'%>

This is not working means client side validation is not performed.


    Try this
<% form_tag({:action => "login"}, {:onclick => "return
validate_form(this)"}) do %>

Sijo K George