Call for Alpha Users -

Howdy! is seeking alpha users for our new metered service. The CloudCache services include:

  • Basic memcached capabilities wrapped in a ReSTful API
  • Improvements on memcached including the ability to backup, reconfigure, restore, and list keys. This allows us to grow our memcached farm transparently to our users.
  • Improved reliability - your keys and values are hashed across our memcached farm, so the odds of losing any significant portion of your cached data are minimized (along with great reliability of EC2 service and our backup and restore capabilities).
  • Indexing for search - unlike lucene, ferret, solr, etc., the reverse indices are stored in memcached for ultimate performance and scalability.
  • Search, filtering, and ranking - after pulling the reverse indices from memcached, the service uses your rules for ranking, filtering (by other indices), and pagination.
  • Set and Get via url into memcached - great for thumbnails and anything else under the conventional 1MB memcached limit. is built within the Amazon EC2 cloud, and will ultimately be provided as a metered service along the lines of S3.

Attributes of alpha users who will be selected:

  • AWS/EC2 users are preferred, as the network latency within the cloud is expected to be better, or at least more controlled and consistent.
  • Existing search and perhaps problematic performance
  • Pro-ReST and Pro-SOA
  • For search, provide access to db (mysql preferred) and your current search fields, ranking, filtering, etc. We will help build the search web service to support your requirements.
  • Willingness to provide positive references if/when you have positive experiences, especially hard metrics showing the before and after improvement.
    Our commitment to you is that we will not lock you into the service. Our backup and key listing service gives us the ability to provide you with everything you need to migrate out of the service.

If you’re interested in being a alpha user, or if you have any questions about the alpha program, please send email to .

Thanks for your kind attention,