Caching a model ????


I am using memcahced_client for caching. I also have cached_model
installed as a gem install. I have a user object that in turn has a
hasmany relationship to a reviews model.

So, once user logs in, i have soemthing like

@reviews =

and reviews has been defined as follows in the user_profile model

# Reviews
  has_many :reviews, :class_name => "UserReviews", :foreign_key
=> :user_id, :limit => 1000, :order => :review_date

I then try to cache the @reviews using

Cache.put key,@reviews.

Next i try to retreive it using

Cache.get key

Here is my code for that.
        @reviews = Cache.get @user_profile.user_id.to_s+'_reviews'
        @reviews = nil
      if @reviews == nil
        @reviews =
        Cache.put @user_profile.user_id.to_s+'_reviews', @reviews

Neither the put nor the get seem to be working. I think it has
something to do with the marshalling. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance