Buttons with different actions... for a single form


I have a form with 3 buttons, each with a different functionality
concerning to forum user information. Once it's shown in the form, you

* Modify your information
* Print your info (via Prawn)
* Delete the user

But I only have one form, and I need every button to do a different
action. Can you please help me find something to make it work?


The Neurochild

The first one is clearly a submit button, but the other two could be link_to_function, button_to_function, link_to_remote, or button_to_remote. Those wouldn't be 'in' the form. (Actually, the Delete the User could be a
   link_to('Delete', user_path(@user), :method => :delete,
           :confirm => "Really delete #{@user.name}?\n(There is no undo!)")
or similar.)

You can get the name of the submit input activated, too, if you need to make a choice about what happens next. (I.e., "Complete Order" or "Change Shipping Address")


Rob Biedenharn http://agileconsultingllc.com

I forgot to tell you it has to use elements of the form. The delete
user could be separated from the form, but the Prawn (PDF) button
functionality must have all the values of the form when something is
modified. It has to be in the form is there a button_to-like function
inside the form?


The Neurochild

Can't you just refetch user info from the database?