restful multi button form


I have a controller messages which for the index action lists
messages. I want buttons to be able to serve actions "mark_read" and

how do i create my form to be able to submit the buttons without it
redirecting to the create action for my controller ?


hey i asked this a while back and am still struggling to work out a
nice way to do this,

can anyone help?

If I understood you correctly, "by clicking mark read", it should
update a mark_read boolean field to be true instead of false, in that
case you can set your form to go to PUT process (update action
method), and for delete you can still go to DELETE process (destroy
action method) in your controller. But my solution here is involving
two forms for each of your record inside your object listing
iteration. cos I don't see the reason why combine them in one.

form_tag book_path(book), :method => :put do
  hidden_field_tag :mark_read, :value => "1"

form_tag book_path(book), :method => :delete do
  hidden_field_tag :id, :value =>

ye i kinda need it to be in one form cos i have check boxes for each
of the messages

i made it work like this:

<% form_tag :action => "inbox_action" do %>
   <%= check_box_tag("select[]",, false) %>
<%= submit_tag("Delete", :name => "submit" )%>
<%= submit_tag("Mark Read", :name => "submit")%>
<% end %>

def inbox_action
  case params[:submit]
  when 'Delete'
    destroy #destroy action
  when 'Mark Read'
      selected_pms = @current_user.user_privmsgs.find(params[:select])
      for pm in selected_pms
        pm.is_unread = false
  redirect_to privmsgs_url

bit confused how this works with using rest, so i dont it that way.
dunno if its a good way to do it tho.