Build report on Ruby on Rails

Hello Everyone,

I want to build reports that able to preview and convert to pdf format on rails app. if possible, I don’t want to use any tool add-on (gem). Anyone who has any guide or sample projects please suggest me.

Thank you.

It is impossible to do anything in Rails without using gems. Rails itself is just a collection of gems.


Ok, so what gem you would recommend me to use?

I have not generated pdf myself in rails so cannot speak from personal experience, but googling for rails generate pdf generates a number of useful looking hits and will certainly provide information on the various approaches that are possible. That is certainly where I would start.


Hello Dev,

Few days ago we used this gem for PDF Reports

gem ‘prawn’.

If you want more details mail me .

I have used PDFKit gem and it has worked well for me.

Thank you Vankala & Ankur

If you want to use Gem then use pdf-kit (See full Documentation)

Anil Yadav

And if you have a budget for it, then I heartily recommend PrinceXML, which does an amazing job.