Bug? Every name reserved?

I have a problem using the scaffolding generator. No matter what name
I try, Rails always complains that the name is reserverd. E.g.:

ernst@devel:/var/rails/fm5$ script/generate scaffold P4ge
      exists app/controllers/
      exists app/helpers/
      create app/views/p4ges
      exists test/functional/
  dependency model
  The name 'P4ge' is reserved by Ruby on Rails.
  Please choose an alternative and run this generator again.

No happy.

This happened to me once when I had an observer set in environment.rb.
Try clearing all observers and trying again.


I definitely have no observer, even don't really know what that is :wink:

OK, the problem was that I used the constant Page/P4ge/whatever in my
routes.rb. Had to comment it out, otherwise Rails thought it is a
reserved word.