ugly issue with resource named 'Wave' --reserved word?

Helpers for a resource aren't being generated... I can consistently
reproduce but I'm not sure how to further debug the issue or if its a
reserved term that shouldn't be used at all.

rails testing
cd testing
script/generate scaffold_resource wave title:string
create database testing_development;
rake db:migrate
mongrel_rails start

Browsing any page will show the helpers aren't being created. I think
it may be a bug but I'm not sure. If I hardcode the helpers it appears
to work until I try and use the wave model in an association -- then
it returns an uninitialized constant error about Person::Wafe ???

Here is my script/about:
Ruby version 1.8.5 (i686-darwin8.8.1)
RubyGems version 0.9.0
Rails version 1.2.3
Active Record version 1.15.3
Action Pack version 1.13.3
Action Web Service version 1.2.3
Action Mailer version 1.3.3
Active Support version 1.4.2
Application root /Users/westcoastlogic/Repository/testing
Environment development
Database adapter mysql
Database schema version 2


puts ActionController::Routing::Routes.routes

GET /waves/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",
POST /waves/ {:controller=>"waves",
POST /waves.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/new/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/new.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/:id;edit/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/:id.:format;edit/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/:id/ {:controller=>"waves",
GET /waves/:id.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",
PUT /waves/:id/ {:controller=>"waves",
PUT /waves/:id.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",
DELETE /waves/:id/ {:controller=>"waves",
DELETE /waves/:id.:format/ {:controller=>"waves",

Looks right to me?

Not sure how to further debug. Any insight really appreciated!

Update: we've found that *any* resource ending in 've' will fail. I'm
not sure how to further test/debug/thus fix this issue -- my knowledge
of the innerworkings of resources.rb is limited and hope somone here
can help point the way.

Thanks again -- bri

I think the root of your problem is in the Inflector


=> "wafe"

So rails thinks the singular for 'waves' is 'wafe'

Can you check if adding in your config

Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
  inflect.irregular 'wave', 'waves'

fixes the issue?


Holeee crap Paolo thank you so very much -- I tested pluralize but it
worked correctly but never thought to test singularize.

Unreal! Hasn't anyone built an application with Slaves or perhaps a
Cave resource/model in the past four months? :wink:

It threw a wrench in our Web 2.0 social network for civil war