better File_Column version garbage collecting?

Bryan Corey wrote:

Hello all. I was curious if anyone has patched file-column so that when you do multiple versions of a photo it doesn't need to use so much memory. A 7.8 megabyte file on my server is quickly eating 350 megs of ram. If you figure you have 5 background tasks processing files at the same time you quickly are over a gig of RAM, which is just unacceptable to me right now for the scale of our project.

I don't want to ditch file_column though because I like the way it works and have it pretty deeply rooted. I am just hoping there is a way to cleanup the memory between the versions it writes or something so at max it uses just over 100 megs. Let me know.

Are you using the latest file_column SVN trunk, which has some calls to run the Ruby garbage collector, or the most recent release (0.3.1)?